A one-day symposium on the health of our waterways

Sydney Water, 1 Smith Street Parramatta NSW

24 June 2019

09:00am - 04:00pm

A one-day symposium on the health of our waterways

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) is proud to present Healthy Waterways:  A One-day Symposium on Environmental Contamination and Management of Aquatic Resources.

Registration deadline is Monday, 10th  June, and includes morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea as well as an evening network dinner.

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There are pressures on the environment and particularly on water resources because of population and economic growth, climate change, drought and pollution. We need a sustainable source of water for our livelihood, environment and economy. Our oceans, rivers, streams and lakes are critical to the eco-system to support the habitats for native wildlife, fish, birds and plants. It is also important to agriculture, domestic use and industry. The challenge is to change the way we think about water, manage our water and recognise its value. Let’s protect this precious resource for a sustainable future.

The symposium provides an opportunity to learn more on the managing of our precious waterways. This symposium will appeal to, but is not limited to, environmental scientists, engineers, water regulators, researchers, practising chemists and laboratory personnel.

RACI has invited prominent speakers to cover such topics as the management of natural resources, current research and development on chemical & microbiological contamination, a special report on major fish kills & emerging contaminants such as micro-plastics.


Joe Pera – Water Scientist (Water NSW)

Dr Lisa Golding – Research Scientist in Aquatic Ecotoxicology (CSIRO Land & Water)

Colin Besley – Monitoring Design & Reporting Lead (Sydney Water)

Dr Simon Apte – Senior Principal Scientist in Aquatic Chemistry (CSIRO Land & Water)