Workshop: Passively irrigated street trees (EOI)

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Please note: we are open to an expression of interest to attend.  We have tentatively scheduled this training for May.  We are hoping to undertake further research in Sydney to ensure that this training is relevant for participants and that we will have accurate place based data for design purposes.

There is a range of benefits to be achieved through passive watering of street trees and open space with stormwater. Stormwater is a locally available low-cost water source that when used for passive watering can support cooler urban environments, and also improve the quality of runoff entering our waterways.

This seminar will outline the findings of recent research undertaken to inform the optimal design of street trees and wicking beds (subsurface irrigation techniques) with multiple aims; to meet water quality objectives, to ensure the viability of street trees and public open spaces using less potable water.

This seminar will help you define appropriate design parameters for your LGA and provide design guidance to install street tree pits and wicking beds.  Case studies of street tree pits and wicking beds will be discussed including information on design considerations (site constraints, sizing etc.), costing (for design, construction and maintenance) and lessons learnt.