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Parramatta Council


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Continuing urban growth and densification, the urban heat island effect and degradation of our waterways are common concerns for residents of most Sydney Councils.  This training program on integrated water management (IWM) has been designed for local Councillors and senior executives to clearly explain the principles, benefits and practical application of integrated water management planning in local government.  This training will build knowledge and capacity around the institutional, technical and organisational aspects of integrated water management.  

 Workshop outline

1. Understanding the water sector in NSW, including Council's roles and responsibilities.

  • History of the water sector
  • Roles and responsibilities of relevant institutions
  • How water service planning happens
  • The statutory, strategic and community drivers

2. Principles and benefits of integrated water management for local government

  • Description of IWM, the benefits and an explanation of how they can be achieved
  • The risks associated with current practice
  • What the elements of success are
  • Brief case studies of relevant projects

3. Integrated Planning in practice

  • Description of integrated planning, the key features and elements that relate to IWM
  • The framework for integration
  • Assessing and improving your Council's performance

4. Applying integrated planning in Council

  • Understanding and practicing the practical elements of applying IWM for your Council
  • Guidance and support, for example with an economic evaluation framework
  • Advice on co-investment and cost sharing
  • Case studies and small group scenario discussion
  • Group discussion of results and an opportunity for a general 'Q & A'.
Lindsey Brown Close

Lindsey is an Engagement Strategist and Managing Director of Foundry. 

Lindsey Brown works at the interface of water and people. She is an Engagement Strategist specialising in integrated water management and water infrastructure and is a champion for better outcomes through collaboration.  Lindsey has experience from three continents brokering relationships between technical professionals, government and community. Lindsey is the founder and Managing Director of Foundry, a boutique consultancy to the water industry whose mission is to fundamentally improve the way we live by bridging the gap between technical solutions and society. Lindsey pioneered The Foundry Way, combining strategy, empathy, and design to create an approach to engagement that is not only strategic and human, but relevant to the industry and genuinely inform technical solutions.  Her work includes strategic policy development around integrated water management and water sensitive cities, as well as training and collaborative approaches to solution building, co-creation, and human centred design.  

Lindsey has a Bachelors of Public Affairs and Policy Management with Highest Honours, and a Masters of Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Management, specialising in water regulation. She is currently Victorian President of the Australian Water Association (AWA). She is a sought-after presenter and has been a keynote speaker at industry forums in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.